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Maintenance and Repairs

We have currently been maintaining and repairing shade sails in the greater Brisbane area for the last 12 years and have a complete knowledge of how to remove, repair and re-install damaged shade sails and the structures themselves regardless of the damage.

Key points we take into consideration are:

The age of the fabric and Level of uv degradation.

Signs of metal fatigue on fittings and the support structure

The cost of repair opposed to replacement.

We believe it’s also important to determine the required turnaround of repairs relating to the public’s use of the area.

Most shades that aren’t a priority will be removed repaired and reinstated within 10 working days

Over the last 12 years Elemental shades have held contracts for many of the insurance industry’s leading insurance builders assisting with repairs to shade structures within the required timeframes. We take pride in helping their customers get back to normal after some of the destructive storm seasons on record.