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Shade Sail Asset Reports

Elemental Shades can also be called upon to provide full shade sail asset reports detailing the condition of all components of a shade structure.

This is a service we have provided to local government sectors for the last 2 years with great results.

For example after the Australia day storm event in 2013( In which elemental shades played in instrumental role in restoring ,repairing and even re-designing the many shade sails and their structures damaged during the event) Over 30% of shade structures in an unnamed local government area received medium to major damage which took several months and many closed facilities and unprotected cars before rectified.

However because we completed a full shade sail asset audit for this unnamed local government entity identifying potential issues and rectified them prior to the last 2 storm seasons 95% of the 80 + structures within this unnamed local government entity remained unscathed after these events.