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Shade Sail Fact File


Shade sails come in all shapes and sizes and can be customized to suit almost any application. Mark our experienced shade sail designer can design a sail that both enhances the appearance of your home and gives you many practical benefits. For some applications one large sail is best while for others it’s best to integrate multiple smaller sails in an overlapping pattern. A well designed shade sail can add an extra room to your home or protection for your vehicles from hail storms and the uv derogation of the paint. This adds both practical and financial value to your home.


Most shade sail fabrics can offer as much as 95% block out of harmful UV rays. This means even on the hottest days your valuables be it the kids, caravan or the cars they will be protected ( See the fabrics section of the website to view specs)


Looking for a colour that matches your home? Or perhaps a colour that creates a nice contrast? Ask Mark to show you our large range of colours or check out the fabrics section of the website it will help you in choosing something to meet all your needs.


Compared to other shade solutions, shade sails are very cost effective. A well designed sail structure can give you many benefits for a relatively small investment.


Manufactured with stainless steel cable, double lock stitched into the perimeter. This cable is swaged to a stainless steel D ring located at each corner. The D rings are then attached to the posts or fixing points using 316 grade stainless steel turnbuckles. Every corner is reinforced with a three layer gusset and double webbing strap attached to the stainless steel D ring. This ensures maximum stability once your Sail is installed.


Is the careful balancing of the stainless steel cable which then allows the Fabric to be fully tensioned. It is worth noting that the commonly available Hardware sails are only available with a cloth edge and the fixing points must conform to the Sail. Which is “Cart before Horse”? Rather, the only professional way to install a Shade Sail is to carefully select and install fixing points to a built structure, install posts into the ground, and then custom manufacture the Sail precisely to suit these coordinates.


It is a common misconception with shade sails that they don’t require council approvals; this is only the case with sails under 10m2. Elemental shade structures can supply our domestic and commercial clients with engineer certification for all our structures upon request (recommended) and can provide council approvals where necessary. To see if this applies to you check with your local councils planning and building advisors or consult a private certifier.

No matter what construction or design your home or business is, it is almost certain that we can come up with a custom design shade solution that will add appeal, functionality and value to your property. Our approach to the strength of our fixing points remains our highest priority which means your shade sail/structure will continue to look great for many years.